Pershore Perennial Garden

Iris cretensis

Who We Are

Not a traditional garden club, we're members of the 7000 strong national Hardy Plant Society (HPS) who meet locally in Worcestershire. Our first love in the plant world is for those which live a long time and which flourish for years in the local weather, the hardy perennials. And there are a lot of them to find out about. Some of our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are always happy to share, but we're all still learning.

Paeonia mlokosewitschii

What We Do

We have regular meetings with a speaker, a bring and buy plant stall and a raffle. Refreshments are available. We hold coffee mornings in members' gardens, and arrange day outings by coach to visit gardens a little further away which may not be open to the public. For several years now, we have run a garden tour lasting three or four days to an area not easily reached in a day trip. We have recently started to hold an annual plant sale open to the public.

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