Summer Garden Coffee Mornings

Tuesday 22 May 2007

From 10am at the home of Becky Dale in Worcester. See Spring newsletter for directions.

Becky has just under six acres, which she manages with help from one person. In 1996, when she and her family moved there, the garden and orchard merged into scrubland and self-set saplings. Since then paths have been laid and hedges planted; the old orchard has been severely pruned and a new, much smaller, one set. A veg garden has been established. Becky and her helper share the gardening with chickens, geese and ducks, who, despite being more interested in digging than gardening, keep the orchard beautifully cleared up. Come and meet them and see this ongoing garden project.

Saturday 28 July 2007

From 10am at the home of Jenny Constant in Powick. See Spring newsletter for directions.

Jenny and Graham Constant moved to this house and its 1/4 acre garden in the mid 1970s, but the present layout dates from 1992. Since retiring a couple of years ago Jenny is re-working it area by area. Her first project was a fern bed ( a disaster! ), followed by a very successful shady damp border. Current projects are a dry garden ( see Autumn 2006 Newsletter) and a Mk 2 fern bed. Come and see work in progress.

Thursday 16 August 2007

From 10am in the Perennial Garden in Pershore.

Directions: The Pershore Perennial Garden is in the grounds of Pershore College (Pershore Campus). Take the concrete and gravel path along the right hand side of the Plant Centre. At the end turn left and the entrance to the garden is on the right in about 20 yards. Parking is available near the college's Plant Centre

The Perennial Garden (formerly the Hardy Plant Society Garden) is now affiliated to the College and is maintained by a group of volunteers. It is a garden of herbaceous borders. Some of the plants have been dug up and divided over recent months, some have been discarded and new plantings were carried out in the spring. Come and see the changes! There will be an opportunity to buy plants that have been grown in the garden.

Details of booking arrangements will be given at meetings. The cost will be 2 (includes coffee) and you will be asked to pay this when booking. This does not prevent the person holding the coffee morning from asking for a contribution to or selling plants for their favourite charity.