Worcestershire HPS 25th Birthday Party

We’re delighted to say that, after much discussion and risk assessments, we have agreed with Spetchley Gardens that it is possible to hold our postponed 25th anniversary party on Thursday, September 10.

Here’s how it will work.

• Everyone who feels able to attend will park in the main car park at the gardens and wait there until just before 6pm, when we will all be allowed to enter the gardens, once the general public has left. Please do not be late. The event will finish at 8pm.

• Our original plan, to have drinks and nibbles in the Cartsheds, has changed because of Covid-19 and because the room will now be full of sculptures, part of an exhibition in the grounds. Instead, you will be served just drinks – no food unfortunately – in disposable paper cups from an alfresco gazebo outside the Café. Our servers will be wearing face visors and gloves. We will also provide hand sanitiser.

• We have free run of the lawn outside the café and a grassed area nearby, plenty of space for us to spread out. We will be able to chat at correct socially distances and, of course, please wear a mask if you like. It promises to be a lovely evening.

• As well as being possibly the only chance we will be able to meet up with everyone this side of Christmas, you’ll also be able to visit the Oxford sculpture exhibition, spread throughout the garden, you’ll be able to pick up the latest copy of the Worcestershire group newsletter and there will be a free anniversary plant for everyone as well. The only downside is that it might rain on the night – but we’d ask you to bring a brolly if that’s looking likely on the day.

To help us cater properly, we’d like everyone to confirm whether or not they are coming to the event. So please email and tell us by 8pm on Wednesday, August 12.

We’re keen to make sure no-one loses out simply because they are unable to attend. If you are not coming and don’t want a free plant, that’s absolutely fine, but please let us know by email. If we have not heard from you by that time, we will assume you can’t make it and that you won’t be wanting a free plant either.

It goes without saying that it’ll be great to see you all again after all this time. We’ll organise a proper birthday party next year, virus permitting. Bye for now.